The History of the Atom: Then and Now

You will create a timeline using describing the progression of the atomic models from the very first conception of the atom until the current model of the atom – the quantum mechanical model of the atom. The current model is very important; everything we believe in science is built on the current model of the atom. Your timeline will include all of the major discoveries and theories of the atom. Each philosopher or scientist that contributed to the various models of the atom did not start from scratch. They started with what the scientist before them had already reasoned out and went from on there, either adding new information or revising and reworking what did not work with the previous model. Your timeline should, therefore include explanations of the problems and/or limitations of each model that inspired the next scientist to do research in that area. As you are doing the research for this, think about the person doing the work – is there anything in his background or who he was that accounts for his problems or success’? You will create your timeline either using PowerPoint or you may do it in a book style - similar to a scrap book. Each presentation or book will be presented orally in class. 


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