Chapter 9: The First World War
Section 2: The Home Front p 328-333



Main Idea:

To successfully fight the war, the United States government had to mobilize the entire nation


  • Explain how business and government cooperated during the war
  • Show how the government promoted the war
  • Describe the attacks on civil liberties that occurred
  • Summarize the social change that affected African Americans and women


People, places and terms:

Victory garden







War Industries Board

National War Labor Board


Committee on Public Information


Selective Service 


Why was the War Industries Board created?


How did the government finance the war?

What was the total revenue raised by bonds? What percentage of money came from taxes?


What point is the poster for the 2nd Liberty Loan making?

What group of people does the poster for the 3rd Liberty Loan address?

Why did Congress pass the Espionage Act in 1917?

How did the Espionage and Sedition Acts affect American Civil Liberties?

How did Congress ensure that the United States would have enough troops to serve in WWI?

What were the contributions of African Americans during the war?