Chapter 7::Essay Questions

Please choose ONE of the following questions to an answer in an essay form. The criteria for an acceptable essay must include: a topic sentence, three supporting arguments with examples and a conclusion. The outline below may be used during the quiz but only the outline.

  • What effect did the yellow journalism used by Hearst and Pulitzer before an during the Spanish-American War have on American reactions to the situation in Cuba? How do you feel about the use of such journalism? Hint: the definition of yellow journalism, reason for using such journalism and indirect results of yellow journalism.
  • How was U.S. imperialism in the early 1900s similar to the concept of "manifest destiny" that was popular during the 1800s? How was it different? hint: the goals of both, actions taken to achieve both and the results.
  • By the turn of the century, what were the three main beliefs that guided American foreign policy?hint: ESP(I know I told you 4)
  • Explain Theodore Roosevelt’s “big stick” policy and give 3 examples of how it has been applied.(Hint: from 1900 to today)
  • In your opinion, should the United States have become involved in the affairs of Columbia, Nicaragua and mexico during the early 1900s? hint: the effect of the Roosevelt Corallary, the results of the dollar diplomacy and the implication of Wilson's missionary diplomacy.

Topic Sentence:


1st argument:


2nd argument:


3rd argument: