Chapter 7: America Claims an Empire
Section 1: The Imperialist Vision pp.262-267



Main Idea:

...In the late 1800s, many Americans wanted the ...U.S. to expand its Military and economic power ...overseas




People, places and terms:











...Matthew Perry


...Queen Liliuokalani


...Pan Americanism 


DBQ p263:
Based on the quote above, how do you think Alfred Beveridge would use the data shown in the graph to support his argument?


What is the difference between Fiske ‘s support for expanding American power overseas and Mahan’s support for establishing military bases overseas?


How might a strong navy support Fiske’s idea of Anglo-Saxonism?


How did Americans’ opinions about overseas expansion change in the late 1800s?


How did the search for new markets push the U.S. to become a world power?


Do you think the U.S. should have supported the planters in their attempt to overthrow the queen of Hawaii?


How did Secretary of State Blaine attempt to increase American Influence in Latin America?


Factors leading to U.S. Imperialist Policies