Chapter 18 Study Guide: Civil Rights                                                                                                                                                                        Name________________________

WWII--- Civil Rights





Rosa Parks


Plessy v. Ferguson

Separate but Equal



De jure



Norris v Alabama


Morgan v. Virginia

Sweat v. Painter


Shelley v. Kraemer

New Political power


Sit ins

Thurgood Marshall

Brown V. Board of Education




Chief Justice Earl Warren

Southern Manifesto





Montgomery Bus Boycott

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


President Eisenhower-civil rights

Little Rock Arkansas




Gov Faubus



101st Airborne



Civil Rights Act of 1957



Senator Lyndon Johnson

Sit in Movement




Jesse Jackson



John Lewis

Marion Berry



Diane Nash

Albany, Georgia



Greensboro, North Carolina



Nashville, Tenn.



Raleigh, North Carolina

Freedom Riders

Birmingham, Alabama

Bull Connor

President John F Kennedy

Robert Kennedy


Justice Department takes action

James Farmer




James Meredith




More Violence in Birmingham

March On Washington

“I have a dream”

Civil Rights Act of 1964


24th Amendment

Selma, Alabama

Voting Rights Act of 1965







Watts Riot

Kerner Commission

Chicago Movement

Black Power

Malcolm X




Black Panthers




MLK’s Assassinated

Civil Rights Act of 1968

Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement