Chapter 15: Essay Questions

Please choose ONE of the following questions to answer in an essay form. The criteria for an acceptable essay must include: a topic sentence, three supporting arguments with examples and a conclusion. The outline below may be used during the quiz but only the outline. (Optional: Typed essay will be rewarded with extra credit!)

  • The United States met many goals during the Cold War. Name one these, and explain why the United States felt that this goal was important. Hint: The goals of the Truman Doctrine, U.S. and Soviet actions that contributed to the Cold War and Soviet and U.S. military capabilities.
  • How do Americans' fears about the world situation today compare with their fears during the 1950s? Considering only this type of fear, explain which period would you prefer to live in. Give 3 examples why. Hint: communism-terrorism, relations with foreign nations and defense strategies and weapons technology.
  • Describe the different methods of tactics the United States used in the 1950s to contain communism. Give three specific examples. Hint: Marshall plan, brinkmanship, massive retaliation, Berlin, etc.

Topic Sentence:


1st argument:


2nd argument:


3rd argument: