Chapter 15: Cold War Conflicts
Section 2: The Cold War heats up p.538-545



Main Idea:

After World War II, China became a communist nation and Korea was split into a communist north and democratic south



People, places and terms:



Limited war


George Kennan


Long Telegram


Marshall Plan






What is the stated goal of the Truman Doctrine?


 Why did the United States have to support the Greek Government?


Why did the Soviet Union refuse aid to through the Marshall Plan?


 Why did the Soviets refuse a merger of Germany?


What triggered the beginning of the Berlin Airlift?




The Korean War:
Describe what happened in China in 1949?


How did the Korean War Begin?


Why did China Enter the War?




What did MacArthur advocate using during the Korean War?




How did President Truman view the Communist invasion of South Korea?