Cinderella Man:               Questions for discussion                                                                               Name__________________

1.       What were your first impressions of Jim Braddock? What is it that makes him a likeable character?


2.       How is the poverty and hardship of the Great Depression portrayed in the film? How do the Braddock’s deal with this? What does this show about their characters?


3.       Why do you think Jim continues to box when he has such bad injuries? What does this say about his character?




4.       How bad does it get for Jim Braddock during the depression?


5.       ‘You know what? I’m all prayed out,’ (Jim Braddock) Why does Jim find it so hard to believe at that point? Have you ever had a similar experience? How does Mae’s faith help her to cope with the danger involved with Jim’s boxing?


6.       How important a role does Jim’s family play in his career? How do they inspire him to win?


7.       How is love portrayed in the film through the marriage of Jim and Mae?



8.       What effect does Jim’s boxing have on Mae? Why? How do you think you would cope in her situation?




9.       Describe the “hooverville’s”.


10.   Were you surprised by Mike’s death? What effect does it have on Jim?


11.   How are Jim and Max different? How are they similar?


12.   What does Max’s character say about how fame can affect people? Does this still apply in society today?


13.   Why do you think Jim is nicknamed the ‘Cinderella Man’ by the press?



14.   Why do you think Jimmy paid back his relief money? What was the name of the agency that provided aid?


15.   Why do you think Jim Braddock’s winning streak inspired people so much? What makes his story so inspirational even now?


16.   Why do you think Jim agrees to fight Max, despite knowing the danger he’ll be in? What do you think you would have done?


17.   How is Jim a positive role model? In what ways can he be seen as a hero? In what ways can Jesus be seen as a hero? What are the differences between Jim and Jesus?


18.   What do you think Ron Howard wants us to take away from the film? Why?