Chapter 10: Memory


As a little bit of fun we will use the media center and an on-line exibition to view the theories attached to memory.

Please select this link. On this site there are many activities. You may go to the file tab and select edit in Word to print this activity out. Remember to type your name.

The first activity is at this site

Follow the directions and try to remember the objects. You have 2 minutes to try to memorize the objects. No cheating; please do not write them down. Use some the coding skills from chapter 7. After two minutes close the window. Then from memory please write down the name of each of the objects in the space provided below or on a separate piece of paper.


How did you do?

What was the easiest way to rember them?

2nd activity:

Telling yourself a story. Click this link and follow the directions.

There will be a group of objects on the next page. Look at the pictures or objects and make a story to help you remember them. write you story down on a sheet of paper or in the space provided.



How did you do? compared to the first activity?

Was the story helpful?


Activity 3:

Follow the directions given in activity three. Click on this link to begin.

"Wander around the house" or "school" in your mind.

What visuals did you use?





In the remainder of time try some of the other activities found in the Memory exhibition.

What were some of the fun exercises availible?

How did you do with the droodles?

What was your impressions of the article, "Messing with your mind"?

Other Memory games:

Fun Match

Elephant Matching game

matching memory game

For Tomorrow's class