Chapter 8: Sensation and Perception

This is an activity for you to explore the world of perception. Please feel free to search the Internet for optical illusions and tricks.Have fun, look around for more optical illusions! Try to imagine you are a psychologist. Try to hypothesize how the illusion works.

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Stare at the picture (on the left) for about 45 seconds. Then, stare at the white section of this image (the right section). You should see the Queen again. Keep your concentration, and for those 45 seconds, don't take your eyes off the picture.

Back in My first year psychology course I studied the same phenomenum with a picture of the Canadian flag. I will look for my textbook and see if that image comes out more clearly. It is really

What happened? How did that happen?

Try this one:

try this one:

Please read a loud.


The Dragon Illusion

The Einstein Illusion

Are these lines parallel?


Keep staring. This is one scary optical illusion. Keep looking, it might take up to a minute, but it'll look like she's opened her ghoulish eyes and is staring right at your soul! Aaaaaaa


Look at the flag for nearly 30 seconds and then look to the right of the picture. What do you see?


What do you see?