You are a creative team from an advertising agency.  Your agency has a reputation for creating demand among consumers by using psychological principles.  No other agency can figure out why your campaigns are so successful, but you know it is because you appeal to people’s basic drives and needs.  New clients have just contacted your office and have requested that your team create an ad for their product.  If you create a successful campaign, you and your team will get raises and maybe, even, promotions.




1.   Develop two (2) 30 second TV or Radio commercials for your assigned product.

a.   One commercial must be presented, performed or shown in class

2.   Your ad/commercial must target at least one of the theories of motivation: a different theory for each commercial

a.   Instinct theory

b.   Drive Reduction

c.   Humanistic- Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

d.   Socio-cultural

e.   Incentive

f.     Cognitive

3.   Develop a Typed rationale for each commercial for how it “hits” the theories of motivation. Be specific on how people would be motivated to buy in terms of one of the theories of motivation. Include definition, explanation, and the application of theory.

4.   Your work must be original.  You may not copy any existing, professional ad campaign.



You will have the majority of 3 class periods to develop your campaign.  All other work must be completed on your own time.





Campaign commercial #1                     = 25 points

                    Commercial #2                      25 points        

Presentation                                           = 10 points

Rationale(2)                                             = 30 points

Collaboration and cooperation           = 10 points

                                      Total                    = 100 points



Don’t forget to use ideas from previous chapters. You have been given a real life scenario. Use the problem solving process to complete this activity.


Access the problem- You are to create an ad campaign/commercial for a new product using theories of motivation.


Brainstorm approaches or Ideas-

























Choose an approach- which idea listed above is the best idea. What theory? How will you sell it?






Do it- the group develops the ad campaign. Who does what?









Evaluate- During and after, the group should continually evaluate their progress based on the criteria set forth by your employer or client (me).