Daily Lesson for teaching and evaluation of Objectives                          Date: 10-20-06


Unit/Topic___Ch 8 Life at the Turn of the Century

                        Section 1: Science and Urban Life



Enabling or Performance objective


Ch 8 Objective:

  • To analyze significant turn of the century trends in such areas as technology, education, race relations and mass culture.


Section 1 Objectives

  • Describe the impact of technological advances on the turn of the century urban planning
  • Summarize turn of the century communication innovations



State Standards:

  • Explain the effects of industrialization in the United States in the 19th century including Urbanization; The emergence of a middle class and its impact on leisure, art, music and other aspects of culture.
  • Explain the goals and outcomes of the late 19th and early 20th century reform movements of Populism and Progressivism with emphasis on: Urban reform;
  • Explain the effects of immigration on society in the United States: Housing patterns;
  • Explain how perceptions and Characteristics of geographic regions in the United States have changed over time including: Urban areas;
  • Describe how changes in technology, transportation and communication affect the location and patterns of economic activities and use productive resources.



(notes outline or references to content)

Chapter 8 Section 1: Science and Urban Life.


Introduction question- What changes could be made to Cleveland to improve the conditions?


Urban Planning simulation(online) packet-

Map and notes wksheet

Note Packet

Computer Lab (Two days) b-52 Friday and Monday


Learning Experiences

(Strategies, Materials, Media, organization)

Introduce Ch 8

  • Cooperative learning
  • Simulation
  • Computer Lab B-52


Evaluation: Students will create a city using Sim City 2000 in the computer lab

Foramtive evaluation- Monitor and facilitate the lesson. Ask questions



Question: Name one problem that you faced during the simulation?



Hw: none