Daily Lesson for teaching and evaluation of Objectives                          Date: 10-20-2011


Unit/Topic___Ch 8 The Progressive Era

                        Section 1: The Roots of Progressive



Enabling or Performance objective


Ch 8 Objective:

  • Americans' responses to the problems of the early 1900s shaped attitudes, government, and society during the Progressive Era.


Section 1 Objectives
  • explain the progressive beliefs
  • summerize progressive efforts to clean up government
  • identify progressive efforts to reform state governments, protect workers and reform elections
  • identify leaders of the woman suffrage movement
  • explain how woman suffage was achieved



State Standards:

  • Explain the goals and outcomes of the late 19th and early 20th century reform movements of Populism and Progressivism with emphasis on:
    1. Urban reform; Conservation; Business regulation and antitrust legislation; The movement for Public schooling; The regulation of child labor.
  • Describe the ways in which government policy has been shaped and set by the influence of political parties, interest groups, lobbyists, the media and public opinion with emphasis on:
    1. Extension of suffrage;Labor legislation;Civil rights legislation;Military policy;Environmental legislation;Business regulation;Educational policy.
  • Explain how civil disobedience differs from other forms of dissent and evaluate its application and consequences including:
    1. Women's suffrage movement of the late 1800s;
  • Analyze one or more issues and present a persuasive argument to defend a position.



(notes outline or references to content)

Chapter 8 Section 1: The Roots of Progressivism


Introduction question- Making Connections: Can Politics Fix Social Problems?


Urban Problems (online)-


Learning Experiences

(Strategies, Materials, Media, organization)

Introduce Ch 8

  • Introduce ch 8 Journal- Can Politics Fix Social Problems? (5 minutes)
  • Discuss the progressive beliefs (5 minutes)
  • Have student complete ch 8.1 Handout(10minutes)
  • Discuss ch 8.1 handout (10 minutes)
  • Introduce Urban Problems Project(5 minutes)
  • Divide into groups of three (10 minutes)
  • handout ch 8.1 gr


Formative Evaluation

Question: What impact did the Progressive era have on Modern Day?



Hw: Chapter 8.1gr (online)