2nd Semester Term Paper: Issues that face America in the 21st century

Tenth grade students continue the chronological study of the history of the United States with emphasis on domestic affairs. This study incorporates each of the seven standards. As students study historic eras, they consider the geographic, cultural, economic and governmental changes that have occurred. Students develop a deeper understanding of their role as citizens and continue to expand their command of social studies skills and methods.

Social Studies Skills and Methods:

Thinking and Organization
1. Determine the credibility of sources by considering the following:
a. the qualifications and reputation of the writer; b. Agreement with other credible sources; c. Recognition of stereotypes;
d. Accuracy and consistency of sources; e. The circumstances in which the author prepared the source.

2. Critique evidence used to support a thesis.

Communicating Information
Analyze one or more issues and present a persuasive argument to defend a position.

Assignment: Each student will create a Typed 1000 word, 12 font, double spaced term paper on one the topics below. Each student will formulate a thesis or a persuasive argument and defend it with strong evidence. As a class we will follow a the steps of creating a good History term paper.

Requirements: TYPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Topic due April 12
1.Statement of controlling purpose, Due April 19th
2. Literature Review. Research. Three sources of information Due April 26th MLA!!!!!!!
3. Creation of a thesis or argument, Due May 3rd
4. Outline: Thesis, three supporting arguments with examples and conclusion Due May 10
5 . Rough Draft Due, May 17th
6 . Works Cited page May 24th
7 . Final Draft Due May 31st
8. PowerPoint Presentation 10-12 slide, 5 minutes presentation(optional see below)

Possible Topics: Issues for the 21st Century: But not limited to these topics

  • Foreign Policy issues
  • Debate over immigration
  • Crime and public safety
  • Issues in education
  • The communication revolution
  • Curing the health care system
  • Breaking the cycle of poverty
  • Energy
  • Climate Change
  • Pollution
  • Space Race
  • Tough choices about social security
  • Women in the workforce
  • The conservation controversy
  • Terrorism
  • National Debt
  • The economy and jobs
  • New Technology
  • Civil Rights
  • Nuclear Proliferation
  • Genocide











Due June 3rd, 10% reduction for every day late.

There will be a slight modification for the final term paper assessment.

To receive a maximum grade of an "A"(100%), a student must supply a 1000 word paper, title page and a work cited page:

To receive a maximum grade of a "B"(89%), a student must supply an 800 word paper, title page and a work cited page.

To receive a maximum grade of a "C"(79%), a student must supply a 600 word paper, title page and a work cited page

10 pts of extra possible if you create a PowerPoint of your paper.



Term Paper Evaluation


  • catches the reader's attention and arouses curiosity




  • Length
  • Quality of Material
  • Minimum of 4 citations/3 sources
  • Proper use of Paragraphs/topic and concluding sentences
  • Supports thesis statement
  • Includes your own thoughts
  • Transitions



  • Conveys a sense of closure
  • Returns to and restates the thesis



  • Attribution
  • Page Number
  • Proper Format



  • Uses proper format
  • lists all sources cited



  • Spelling/Punctuation/Capitalization
  • Proofread
  • Sentence structure
  • Word Choice



  • Title page
  • page # and name on all pages
  • proper headings
  • margins-1"/double spaced
  • Typed