Chapter 8: Essay Questions

Please choose ONE of the following questions to answer in an essay form. The criteria for an acceptable essay must include: a topic sentence, three supporting arguments with examples and a conclusion. The outline below may be used during the quiz but only the outline.

  • Why do you think Wilson failed to push for equality for African Americans, despite his progressive reforms? hint: presidents before Wilson, Wilson's background and the primary group of people progressive reforms targeted.
  • Why do you think Theodore Roosevelt is counted among America's greatest presidents? give three reasons with examples
  • Choose one of the reform movements discussed in this chapter. Explain the goals of the movement, identify the people and groups involved in it and identify some of the successes.
  • What if Roosevelt had won another term in office in 1912? Speculate on how this might have affected the future of progressive reforms. Hint: Roosevelt's policies that Taft did not support, the power struggles in the Republican party and Roosevelt's perception of what is required of a president.
  • In what ways might Illinois, Wisconsin and Oregon al be considered trailblazers in progressive reforms? (hint: legislative reforms, leadership, and appointments.)

Topic Sentence:


1st argument:


2nd argument:


3rd argument: