World War II: Interview

The assignment is for you to talk to a older family member or find someone who had lived during World War II. Take notes and create a documented history of their answers. Let them tell you a story, their story. The intent of this assignment is to get a better understand of life during the war. History books tell only a general view of the times. Personal history gives you, a young person more perseptive of our history as Americans. I have listed some questions to guide you through the interview. YOU DO NOT have to ask all of them but this list may be helpful for you. The interviewee may not recall some the items listed below.

What are your most vivid memories of the 1940s?

At what stage of life were at when the war began? School?... Job?.... Married? ....etc.

Do you remember the day:

Pearl Harbor


What were you doing?

The Invasion of Normandy


What was your reaction?
FDR's death  


What are your rememberances of President Roosevelt? What was your opinion of him?

What are your rememberances of President Harry S. Truman?


-Were any of your friends, family members or relatives in the military?


What military branch?

What kind of stories have they shared with you?




-What type of work do they do?


- Do they remember the pay they received?



What was public sentiment of the Germans in American during the war?


What was public sentiment of the Italians in America during the war?


What was public sentiment of the Japanese during the war?


How did America change during the war? during the 1940s? during your lifetime?




Science and Technology:

The inventions of the 20th century seem intended mainly for war, what some the new innovation that you experienced?


Cleveland: if you lived in Cleveland during this time, please share some of your memories of Cleveland.

1948 Indians:

The Browns: