Chapter 17: The United States in World War II
Section 4: The Home Front pp. 590-595


Main Idea:

After World War II, Americans adjusted to new economic opportunities and harsh social tensions.


  • Describe the economic and social changes that shaped American life during World War II
  • Summarize both the opportunities and discrimination African Americans and other minorities experienced during the war.

People, places and terms:

GI Bill of Rights


James Farmer


Congress of Racial Equality(CORE)




Japanese American Citizens League( JACL)


How did World War II cause the U.S. population to shift?


How did the war affect families and personal lives?


What caused the race riots in the 1940s?


Why did President Roosevlt order the internment of Japanese Americans?



List the advancesand problems in the economy and in civil rights during World War II





Civil Rights