Staci Dunbar

Dec. 10, 2004

War Propaganda


            Everywhere you walk you find posters hanging all around you. You can’t get away from them. You start to glance at them a few times and even catch a few sentences. They start to corrupt your thinking opinions. What are these posters? These posters are hidden propaganda used by the government to get people to get involved in the war effort. These posters were none the least for making people more nationalistic. They could make you feel guilty by using such phrases as, “While someone gives their life, what are you giving?” They also wanted them to control their food in take encouraging people to save food for the war effort by only taking in what you need. They encouraged people to eat more cottage cheese to save meat. Not only did they try to get the attention of the civilians for everyday life, but they also tried to encourage men and boys to enter into the marines and etc. By showing men that have done their duty and telling them that they should do theirs too. Propaganda used a lot of guilt trips most of the time.