Melissa DeMichael


Treaty of Versailles


On June 28, 1919, The Treay of Versailles was an affair that pulled the big four and representatives of 37 countries to the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles. After four years of demoralizing warefare, many people hoped that this treaty would create solidity for a new start in Europe. The treaty of Versailles created nine new nations. Some of which included Pland, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia, it also shifted the boundaries of other nations. This teaty also created five areas out of the Ottoman Empire and gave them to France and Great Britain as mandates or temporary colonies. The treaty also restricted Germany from ever restraning an army, then makin the Germans return the territory of Alsace- Lorraine to France and to give back money from the war damages, which estimated to be around thirty-three billion dollars. The Treaty of Versailles humilated Germany with the war-guilt clause, by which forced the Germans to admit sole responsibility for starting World War One. The Treaty of Versailles made a remarkable place in the history of today, because of the great accomplishments it acquired in the 1900s. By signing the treaty many nations had been created, and peace could once again distribute around Germany and Europe.

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