The Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand


Archduke Ferdinand was an inspector of the Austria -Hungarian Army. In June 1914 he and his wife Sophie were invited to Bosnia, by the governor to watch his troops maneuver. When they arrived they were going to the City Hall for an official reception, On their way down there someone from the crowd threw a bomb and it hit the wheel of the car they were in. It killed 2 of the people that they were in the car with. After the reception Ferdinand asked about them and insisted that he go see them in the hospital. On the way there the driver took a wrong turn and as he went to turn around a guy standing at the corner of the street stepped forward, drew his gun, and within 5 feet it fired into the car several times. Ferdinand got hit in the neck and his wife in the abdomen. Shortly after they were shot, they were taken back to Konak and died a little while later from their wounds. After the
shooting the assassin was ordered to turn the gun on himself. As he did, someone standing behind him held him back until the police arrived and he was arrested. 




Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Dutchess Sophie
at Sarajevo on 28th June, 1914.