Jon Hart

The Machine Gun

In 1884 Hiram Maxim invented the worlds first automatic machine gun, that was portable.  It fired about 400-600 rounds per minute and has the same forces as 100 rifles, in order to operate it you need a crew of three to six men.  The British Army began to use it in 1889, and the British police used it to fight 5,000 Matabele warrior, amazingly they only used four guns.


John Moses Browning also created a portable machine gun, but it was after Hiram’s gun.  Browning’s gun uses gas as its main source of propulsion for the bullet, unlike Hiram’s gun which used the guns recoil to propell it.  The Maschinengewehr was the primary machine gun used by the Germans in World War I and it had a range of about 2,200 to 4,000 yards.  The automatic rifle was first used by troops in 1918.  It was just as effective as a machine gun, but you could run and shot at the same time pretty accuratly making a normal infantry man more powerful.  It fires about twenty rounds per minute in about two to eight seconds.  It was accurate to about 600 yards.





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