James Davis

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December 10, 2004


Selling the War


The Untied states government raises money for the war. The government had raised many taxes on many goods such as; liquor, tabacco, and they raised taxes on all of the luxury goods. The government had made war bonds, these bonds were supposed to raise money for the government so they could afford the ships and every thing else that the arm, navy and everybody else needed. The government had made a Liberty Loan that had raise money for the war. They had also installed another loan called the Victory loan. These were both considered the war bonds. The government had raised all of the money and they had gotten enough to get the economy going good. The Untied States government had needed to raise all of this money for World War 1. With out all of this money the government would have had an even bigger problem because the economy would have collapsed and they would have had even bigger problems.

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