Gas Warfare in World War One



      Gas warfare is one of the most painful and merciless weapons used in World War One.  Gas was first used by Germany against the French on January 3, 1915.  They used Chlorine gas, which burns your lungs when it is inhaled.  There are three types of gas used in World War One.  The first one is chlorine.  The second is mustard gas.  Mustard gas was one of the more effective gases used.  It could blind you and affect other functions of the body.  It would burn your skin and leave big rashes.  The third kind of gas used in The Great War, was phosgene.  Phosgene did pretty much the same thing as chlorine, but was twice as toxic, and therefore caused more deaths than chlorine. 

          At first, gas wasn’t used very well, because there had not been a way to spread the gas without hurting your own men.  But after a while, shells were produced that could launch several miles and release the gas when it landed.  Gas warfare was one of the most horrific and painful weapons.