British Blockade                                                                                               


As Britain began to have a powerful navel strength they had blockaded the Germans from military weapons & supplies. After a little while the British had decided to cut of the Germans food supply. They also had extended to block off neutral ports and took control over all of the North Sea. The Germans had found out that it was hard to import foodstuffs and fertilizers for there crops. By 1917 famine had stalked the whole country and an estimated 750,000 Germans had starved to death as a result of the blockade. The Americans are pretty angry at the blockade because it threatened freedom of the seas and it had prevented the American goods to reach Germany. The Germans response to the blockade had outraged the American public opinion.

In response to the blockade  the Germans counter blockaded with U-Boats. Any ship that was found  in the waters around Britain would be sunk. One of the worst disasters occurred on May 17, 1915 when a U-Boat sank the British liner Lusitania of the southern coast of Ireland.  There were 1,198 people on the liner that had died and of that 1,198 198 of the people were Americans. The Germans had told us that the reason they had sunk that ship was because it had carried ammunition.