By Katie Yuhas


On January 17, 1917, the British intercepted a telegram from Germany to Mexico.  The German foreign minister Arthur Zimmermann sent it to von Eckhardt, the German ambassador in Mexico.  Zimmermann asked in the telegram if Mexico would agree to go to war to help Germany.  Zimmermann intern promised to get back the land in the United States Mexico had lost in an earlier war against the U.S.  Americans had already become angry against the Germans for U-boat attacks.  Germans destroyed the Lusitania and other ships because they thought they were ships carrying weapons, when they were really carrying passengers.  Many American died from Germany’s attacks at sea.

            The Zimmermann telegraph pushed Americans over the edge.  Besides proposing the German and Mexican alliance, the telegraph also criticized the American President Woodrow Wilson.  After Wilson received the telegraph, he and congress soon declared war against Germany. 


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