U –BOATS by: Tom Koehler


The German war department made the U-boat around 1913. They invented them to stop the allies from getting supplies to their soldiers and basses. The U-boats were also to keep the Russians from getting supplies since they were trading with the U.S. The German war department was also involved with trading with the U.S. This was a large advantage to the German military they sunk just about every ship and the Lusitania in the Atlantic Ocean off then Ireland coast on May 7th 1915.

This was the first big reason the U.S. got flustered and pushed into the war but they still stayed out. The Germans had a very strong navy and military but they had to keep the Triple Entante from getting any of the supplies. The U-boats were a great weapon they had invented. It was a great weapon with the turrets mounted on the top and could go very deep in the ocean. They could also could stay off radar this helped them with the stealth attacks. They could stay under water for very long periods of time they only needed to come up to get food and some fuel. This made it especially good for getting people to walk in to the traps that they could set. The U-boats were a great way to get ahead in the war they also could not be sank. The U-boats were one of the things that gave Germany a good head start in the war but it lead to rely bad outcome with the Lusitania.



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