War and Social Change in World War 1

                   By: Jenn V.


World War 1 changed the lives of African Americans and women forever.  African Americans were divided in half.  W.E. Du Bois believed African Americans should support the war.  He believed it would strengthen calls for racial justice.  They were living in American and since they were in America they should support the war.  William Monroe Trotter had a strong belief that African American shouldn’t go to war and shouldn’t be supporting a racist government.  Despite all the controversy of racism and the war.  African Americans backed American and the war.  African American started to move to cities in the north.  This shift was already starting in the late 19th century before the war even started.  But after the Jim Crow laws in the south and the turn of the century. Many people started to go north real fast.  There were more job opportunities.

                        When men went to war, there were many jobs left that were not filled.  Women moved into jobs that used to be held by men.  Jane Adam was very active in the peace movement.  Adams founded the peace party in 1915.  The services of women helped the support of women suffrage.  In 1919, the congress passed the 19th amendment that granted women the right to vote.  This amendment changed the lives of women forever.