Archduke Ferdinand Assassinated at Sarajevo

                                                By: Kerianne Armelli



                 On June 28, 1914 Archduke Franz Fredinand was assassinated. It was a typical, sunny day in Sarajevo, Bosnia. The Archduke was riding in the 2nd of 4 carriages with his wife Sophia, the Duchess of Honenburg, who was several months pregnant. It was their 14th wedding anniversary. Little did they know what lie in store for them? Seven assassins were waiting along side the road to take a shot at the Archduke. Their leader was ‘Colonel Apis’, who’s real identity, was Colonel Dragutin Dimitrevich, head of the Serbian military intelligence. From him they received cyanide, and guns. (They were supposedly trained at the ‘Union or Death’ terrorist league, in Belgrade’s.) The only one who actually did succeed in hitting the Archduke and his wife was Gavrilo Princip. When the Archdukes carriage started to back-up after missing a turn he leapt out of the bushes. Firing his gun, he hit the Archduke in the neck and his wife in he abdomen. They both died within minutes. Later the all but one of the assassins, Mohammand Mehmedbasic, were taken in to custody. Now, with even more tension between the European nations, it was only a matter of time before the First World War started.



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