Katie Skilton

                                                                      Poison Gas
            Close your eyes and imagine being 18 and being in the war.  Your away from your family and friends and to top it off you were blinded by a poison gas that the Germans had just came out with…
            Poison gas was one of the new weapons that came out during World War 1. This type of weapon was used in the trenches and the war front. It was also one of the most powerful weapons 5,899 died and many others were wounded. It could blind the victims…burn them…or just slow them down. Giving the other side a much better chance to win the war. Even though there were many high points to poison gas there were also draw backs. Some times the gas would blow back in the side that set the gas off. Or the gas would linger to long.
            Poison gas was first used in 1914 by the Germans. They fired chemical shells which induced violet sneezing. Poison gas was next used by the British in 1915.
            There were also more than one type of poison gas. One of the most powerful type was chlorine gas. This attacked at the lungs causing them to fill with liquid and drown the victim. Another type of gas was mustard gas it was first used by the German army against Canadian Soldiers in 1917 and later against the French. Mustard gas would blister and burn the body. Mustard gas could lead to some blindness.  Other types of gas was Sarin gas, and C.s gas.
            Gas was killing many and getting out of control so we needed something that could help the army during war and time of battle. In 1915 the first type of gas mask was used. It was made of a pad of cotton waste. Wrapped in muslin which was a type of fabric. Soon better gas masks were used. The troops would also have a warning bell to tell them it was a must to put there mask on.
             And that is why Poison Gas was a huge part of the war.

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