Chris Nelson



The causes and reasons why we went to War



It all started during the unforgettable month of July 1914.When Germany decaired war on France.It all domenoed from there.Since France is friends with Great Britton, Russia, and Japan got involved in the war.So the war to end all wars began.The United States played it cool for a while supplying France, Briton, and even Germany with goods and supplies. In the process making productivity of our factories the highest itís ever been before.In doing so making the economy boom.Finally after the British pot a blockade on Germany, they started sinking our ships supplying our allied Countries with supplies.The sinking of the Lusitania America became very angry with Germany. Most Americans would say that after the interception of the Zimmerman note the U.S. had had its final straw.Finally going to the rescue of our friends, trade partners former mother Countries America went to war in July 1917.Many people were angered by this action done by the U.S.For the most part America went to war to protect not only its self but also its foreign interests with old friends. And a big part of why we went is for the long term effect that would have changed the way we live if Germany would of won the war.


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