Adam Coughlin


            During World War 1, there were the two major sides or alliances in the war, the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente. The Triple Alliance had later became known as the Central Powers and the Triple Entente had later became known as the Allies. The Allies were made up of France, Britain, Russia and later The United States and Italy, when they joined later. The Central Powers was basically in Europe and consisted of Germany and Austria-Hungary, which was known as the Ottoman Empire and Italy, which later joined with the Allies during the war. The reason that the Alliances were originally started was so that the each country under the alliance was protected by each other. As soon as Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated he alliances were forced to act with each country declaring war on other countries. These two alliances were going head to head in the First World War. If it wasn’t for the alliances, this war might not have been as big as it was. It may have just been a war between a couple of countries and wouldn’t have meant that so many peoples lives would be taken away. If it wasn’t for the two alliances, World War 1 may not have existed.



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