By: Jessica Schneider



During World War 1 airplanes were used for many different reasons. They were a great help in the war also. Some of the planes were used as bombers. They carried around bombs and dropped them on cities. Also, some of the other planes had built in machine guns or another type of weapon built in or mounted on the plane. The propeller blades got in the way of the bullets when shotting though so they had to revise this problem. So they later intorduced an interrupter gear that allowed stream of bullets to avoid propellers. Another way the planes were used was for attack. They would fly over cirties and attack them. People wouldn’t be expecting an attack from the sky, so it caught them off guard.  The bombs they would carry onboard, they would just drop over cities as they flew over them. It was like a “surprise attack.” Airplanes were also used as transporters. They transported good, weapons, and soldiers  to different cities. They were of great help when they needed to get soldiers to another country to fight in a war quickly. They also helped out transporting goods to the soldiers in other countries. Lastly they were used to recon. Recon is when you spy enemies position, and report back to your people. They would sneak up on the enemies, by spying on them and catch them offguard. Airplanes also, were useful to spy on the enemies for missions they needed completed. Plus, it was helpful that they were a quick transportation too. They could fly up to 100 MPH, which helped out a lot. These are some of the ways how airplanes affected and helped Americans in WW1.





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