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                                                       TANKS & WWI        


 Joe Fleming mod 3-4



Who?  No one individual was responsible for the development of the tank. It was a number of gradual technological developments.  The caterpillar track, which it travels on, was created by Richard Edgeworth in 1770. Nick Otto developed the internal combustion engine in 1885.  Fred Simms designed the first armored car. The British themselves were the first to unveil the tank.

What?  The British first introduced tanks at the battle of Somme tanks.  Of the six used, one broke down, and three jammed.  The two left crawled slowly to the front line.  The French had even worse luck.  Of the hundreds of tanks they sent in, most broke down or made it to the front line, but had to retreat for a lack of back up.

Where?  Most of incidents stated above happened at either the battle of Somme or the battle of Caribrai.

When?  The battle of Somme occurred on September 15, 1917 and the battle of Caribrai in November of 1917

Why?  Tanks have changed the way we fight wars for ever, our tactics have changed to more involve them.  They also saved countless numbers of lives.  Without tanks the war would have lasted a lot longer.





British prototype (little Willie), it was12 ft. long and weighed 14 tons carried 3 soldiers


 Mark VIII designed by British and American engineers. Weighed 37 tons, 34 ft. long