World War One – New Weapons – The U-boat

Brandon Hagey



                The Central Powers and the Allies were involved in WWI. The Allies were made up of Great Britain, France, and Russia. The Central Powers were made up of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire. The United States later joined the Allies; Russia left the war for a revolution.

                During the war the Germans were still receiving goods from the U.S. and other countries. With them receiving goods it caused them to have much more supplies. The Allies needed to find a way to stop the Germans before they become too powerful.

                The British decided to do something and tried to stop the Germans imports by setting a blockade that would destroy any ship that came into the area. This caused the Germans to lose many important military supplies and food.

While the Germans were losing their goods they had to think of a way to stop the British. The Germans decided to act with a counter blockade that had a better fleet of ships. The British didn’t know that they had a new superior weapon known as the U-boat. The U-boat is a boat that could submerge underwater and become invisible to the eye. With the lack of technology the U-boats were almost undetectable.

                The Germans had their revenge by attacking 2 passenger ships and a British liner.


The main battle using the U-boats took place off the coast of Ireland. The Germans attacked a British liner and sunk it. This was known as one of the biggest disasters yet to happen in the war. The Germans also sank 1 passenger ship and then promised to not sink another passenger ship. After the sinking of the second passenger ship the U.S. became concerned. The Germans decided to not attack under only one condition, if the United States could not persuade the British to life the blockade.


                The British liner was sunk on May 7 1915. The passenger ships were sunk on March 16th. The German promise was broken.


                Without the Germans ever using the U-boats to sink the passenger ships with some American passengers the U.S. might not have joined the war. If the U.S. never joined the war the Germans could have one, due to Russia leaving and making the sides uneven. If Germany won the war the world would be a lot different today.





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