Why did the United States wait to enter the war?  There are 4 main reasons. One reason is the economics.  That would have to do with trade banking and industry.  Also they did not want to hurt the money that was coming in to the United States.  The second reason would be they want to protect their border, they don't want to be invaded.  They were thinking if it doesn't involve are country then you stay out.  Third reason would be isolationism, not wanting to get involved when it does not affect your country directly.  Most Americans want to stay out of other countries affairs until the U.S> enter the war in 1917.  the lasted reason would be  beliefs.  Sometimes people don't agree what the war is being fought for.  The war was mostly imperialist nations not agreeing on who should run certain territories.  We had to get involved when Germany was going to get Mexico as an alliance, because we did not belief what they were fighting over.  We officially got involved in April 6, 1917 , when president Wilson asked congress for permission to go to war in Germany.  The Germany's would do industrial sabotage, poisoning of the water, and kidnapping people.  In my opinion we should have got involved a little bit earlier so the war would have end and less people would have been killed.  

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