American soldiers were called doughboys because of there white belts that they wore which they cleaned with pipe clay or "dough." They helped the Allies win the war.  World War 1 was in Europe the Americans were sent to fight there.  The Americans joined in the war effort on April 6,1917, a small number of congressman objected to going  into the war.  There were many reasons that they went to war, some of them were the sinking of a British passanger liner the Lusitania in the spring of 1915.  Quite a few people died including 128 Americans.  Also the German foreign minister Zimmerman's notorious "Telegram" to his ambassador in Mexico.  The telegram was trying to get Mexico to side against the U.S., this angered Americans greatly.  Also Russia had a Revolution and the Tsar abdicated his thrown and Russia took themselves out of them war.  The Americans brought a new freshness to the war and helped change the bala nce of the war which helped the Allies defeat the Central Powers.


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