Doughboys in World War One

by Brittany George

The Doughboys were the American infantry men in the American Expeditionary Force. The term "doughboy" came about because the soldiers wore white belts that they cleaned with pipe clay or dough. Also, these American soldiers came to love fried flour dumplings and that also contributed to how they got their names. The term "doughboy" became known to the U.S. army by the early 19th century and it was firs applied during the Civil War. These men were sent to France and they helped to make the world safe for democracy. The most important thing the doughboys did was they stopped the Germans from advancing at Cantigny in France. They also played a major role in throwing back the German attacks at Chateau Thierry and Belleau Wood. A battle they helped to win was the Second Battle of the Marne. The Doughboys also helped to higher the moral of the soldiers during the toughest times with their high spirits and positive attitudes. Even though the raised the soldier's moral, they themselves were shocked by the horrors of the battlefield and they didn't expect the war to be as bad as it actually was. They were so horrified because most of the soldiers never went far from the farms and towns they were home to.  For this same reason, they were also amazed by the new weapons that were becoming widely used during World War One and also with the modern warfare tactics. Despite all of these facts, the American soldiers did a great job defending their country during World War One.