Alliances of World War 1

A system of military alliances gave European nations a sense of security before World War one. The war consisted of the Three Emperorís League in 1881, which was an alliance between Germany, Russia, and Austria-Hungary. They all agreed to remain neutral if any of them went to war with another country. Then, in 1882, Bismarck created the Triple Alliance between Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary. They all agreed to go to war if one was to be attacked by Russia. When Bismarck was fired in 1890, France took advantage of this opportunity to get an ally and 1891 formed the Franco-Russian Entente. Russia formed an entente with Britain in 1907. The Triple Entente, which contained France, Great Britain and Russia, now countered the Triple Alliance. Later, the Central Powers were formed. The Central Powers consisted of Germany and Austria-Hungary together with the Ottoman Empire. Due to these alliances, some powers were forced to support policies from their partners that they didnít like. There were also some secret alliances, which led to suspicion. The alliances were important as to what countries could trust and that is whom they fought with.

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Natalie Di Nero