Kurt Luoma


Congress Declares War


 On April 6th, 1917, the U.S declared war on Germany. It was declared against Germany's goevernment and not its subjects. On April 2nd, President Woodrow Wilson asked congress to declare war on Germany. In his letter to congress he talked about American ships being sunk and American lives being lost, and how friendly nations ships have been sunk and overwhelmed in the water. On April 4th, the Senate approved by 82 votes to 6 votes. April 6th, the House of Representatives approved by 373 votes to 50 votes. President Wilson wanted to remain out of war and even ran for president with the slogan "He kept us out of war". After Germany ignored his calls for peace and also the Zimmermann note was intercept that stated if Mexico allied with Germany, Germany would help Mexico regain the land that the U.S. took form them in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Also, Germany sunk four unarmed merchant ships with the loss of 36 American lives. After all these events, Wilson realized that it wasn't possible for the U.S. to remain out of war, and had to join along side with the Allies.