†††††††††† Machine-gun

††† ††††††††††††††† †††† Ryan Doberstyn


††††††† The first automatic machine-gun was built by Hiram Maxim in 1884. The first army to use it was Britainís in the 1893 Metabele war.Eventually Germany, Russia, France and the United States came up with their own designs. It took anywhere from three to six people to work one machine-gun. The machine gun could fire between 400 and 600 rounds of ammunition per minute. Because of this six men could kill hundreds of men in a few minutes. In world war one the machine guns were placed all along the western front in Russia. In Germany the Germans would take the machine guns and place them in big concrete incased buildings. The machine guns were also placed on smaller posts; the Germans took these and put them along the Ypress and Messines. Unfortunately to British soldiers, British officers were not that sure that the machine guns would work good so only two machine-guns were given to each battalions. The Germans used the machine guns the most in the war.In world war one machine guns were the number one killer.


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