Allison Peroni


League of Nations


            The League of Nations was formed to keep peace and security throughout the world. The first meeting was held on November 15, 1920. It was held in Geneva. The league was broken into three different sections. First, was the assembly which there was three representatives per each country to vote on issues. Each country received one vote. Second, was the council which met three times a year to discuss political problems and the reduction of weapons. Last, there was the secretariat that consisted of 300 people, which was later referred to as the World Court. There were 42 nations at the first meeting. Throughout the 26 years of power there were 28 permanent members and 63 throughout the years. Even though the League of Nations did not keep peace throughout the world it did have some accomplishments. It provided the building blocks for the United Nations (UN). During World War I they aided refugees . In the world they helped improve health and labor conditions. Woodrow Wilson was the first person to have the idea of having a world power to spread peace and less war throughout the entire world. Germany and Japan withdrew from the League of Nations in 1933 due to the fact that they were having problems that were not approved by the League of Nations. The last meeting of the League of Nations was on April 8, 1933.


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