Amanda Floro 11, 12

Horrors of War

††††††††† War in general is a horrible thing. When you look at death and pain with it, it just makes it even worse. Some generals were forced to kill some of their own soldiers when they would try to escape. The men that died instantly from wounds could be considered lucky, because they didnít have to suffer. On the other hand, other peope had to suffer greatly and had to go days in pain before they actually died. Some just couldnít take the pressure and horrors of war and committed suicide. Many were murdered and even executed. The bulk of the deaths in the war were from soldiers killed in action. The total number of deaths during World War I was about 57,500. Even though this was a large number, other countries such as Russia had considerably more casualties. Russia had 9,150,000 casualties during the war. Obviously, it varired greatly throughout different countries.



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