Ashley Workman




                                 The Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand


     "On the 28th of June 1914, Archduke Ferdinand was visiting the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo with his wife as a wedding gift to her, and both of them were assassinated be a Serbian nationalist student and terrorist named Gavrilo Princip.  The assassination of Archduke triggered the beginning of World War I.  He was assassinated because he was the future heir of of Austria-Hungary who wanted control of Serbia and Croatia.  So this Serbian terrorist assassinated him out of anger and fear.  This is what triggered the beginning og everything.
       In the Balkans, the declining imperialism of
Austria-Hungary came into conflict with the aggressive nationalism of Serbia.  The Austrians then in reaction thought of this opportunity to crush the Serbian pretensions in the peninsula and to extinguish the threat of Slavic nationalism of Austrian-Hungarian imperialism.  They issued a harsh ultimatum to the Serbs, one of the one of the conditions of which (a full investigations into the assassination by the Austrians) would have infringed on proud Serbia's involvement in crime.  
       On the 28th of July,
Hungary declared war on Serbia.  Because of Austria-Hungary's alliance with Germany, Serbia turned to Russia for help.  In 1914, Russia vowed to stand behind Serbia, but first Russia turned to France and got their support.  Then Germany declared war on Russia in response to what they did.  Then two days later Germany declared war on France.