Ashley Adams



                       *Selling the War*


         During World War 1, $35.5 billion dollars was spent on the war .To pay of that debt the government tried to raise money through the public by taxes like progressive income taxes, war profits taxes and taxes on tobacco ,liquor and luxury goods. Movie stars would also speak at schools, factories, and on street corners.

          The government earned the rest of the money through public borrowing, selling “Liberty loan” and “Victory loan” bonds. Different posters were made by artist’s to tell people to save their food and not to waste it ,they also had posters trying to get people, to join the war and support it .A propaganda agency was also set up ,called CPI ,which was the Committee on Public Information. The head leader of that agency was George Creel ,who was a former muckraking journalist. The CPI had 75,000 speakers tour the country to get support for the government wartime policies. It also distributed 75 million pamphlets and produced dozens of anti-German films and expositions.


         Work sited: World History Textbook

                      pg. 390-391