Becky Striger

The use of propaganda has become more and more prevalent through out the world due to the war. The United States, Germany and Britain have been using propaganda to upsize the war efforts. Propaganda is the manipulative force used by the government to recruit young men into the armed forces, undermine the so called enemy, and change the view of the citizens for the government’s advantage. The most popular one is to undermine the enemy because it makes that enemy seem evil and hateful which gives a reason to protect ourselves and others against them. Then to fulfill that goal of triumphing over evil they use phrases like: “ We want you! To join the army!”  which help  recruit young men to fight for freedom. Propaganda is used in newspapers, magazines, on posters. Rumors are spread by people of the horrors of the Germans or the evil doings of Britain, which is also a form of propaganda. Without propaganda this war would go nowhere and many people would not be involved in the war.