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Remember the Lusitania


       The Lusitania, a British passenger ship was attacked recently by a German submarine U-20.  The German submarine torpedoed it on May 7, 1915, during the war.  The Lusitania sank near the coast of Ireland.  A total of 1198 people died, and of those 125 were Americans.

          The Lusitania was traveling from New York to Liverpool under Captain Turner when it was attacked.  The German sub was commanded by Captain Schweiger.  The German government said that the Lusitania was a legal target because it was armed and had war materials.  The German Embassy in New York placed ads next to the Lusitania’s timetable in the shipping pages to remind travelers who were thinking of sailing on the ship that the waters around the British Isles were considered a war zone.  The British have denied that the ship was armed, but confirmed that it had a supply of ammunition.

          The German government has since apologized for the happening, but said its U-boat only fired one torpedo and that the second explosion that occurred was a result of a secret cargo that was full of munitions on the ship.  If this is true, Britain would be guilty of breaking the rules of warfare by using a civilian ship to carry ammunition.  British authorities say that the second explosion was caused by coal dust igniting in the ship’s nearly empty bunkers.

The sinking of this ship has had a profound impact on the public opinion here in the United States.  It has given way to increased support for Britain among many citizens of this country.  A lot of people feel that the sinking of the ship was an act of barbarism.  This event is definitely one of the prime factors that has led the United States into entering this war in 1917.  “Remember the Lusitania” is a common slogan that you will hear around the United States.


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