Anthony Apicello



Early Battles of World War 1


            One major early battle of WW1 was the Battle of Frontiers.  The Battle of Frontiers took place August 22, 1914 and was fought between the French and the German armies.  The German army was attempting to cross Belgium to take control over the city of Paris, France.  French troops heard of the plan and cut off the Germans.  The battle was a short but very devastating lost for the French army.  More than 27,000 French soldiers were killed in a single day.  After the French massacre the Germans continued towards Paris with a feeling of invincibility. 


                Soldiers advancing through “No Mans Land”


Another early battle of WW1 was the Battle of Tannenberg.  The Battle of Tannenberg was called the first major battle on the eastern front and took place August 26 through the 30th, 1914.  At the Battle of Tannenberg the German forces surrounded and destroyed Alexander Samsonov’s Russian Army.  This German victory proved to be the Germans greatest victory of the war some historians say.  The Germans slaughtered more than a quarter of a million Russian soldiers. 

            One other major early battle of WW1 was the Battle of Marne.  The Battle of Marne was fought September 6-10th 1914 and was between Allied forces vs. the German forces.  The Battle of Marne raged along 150 miles of land along the Aisne River.  The Allied troops pushed north into gaps between the German army.  Then more allied troops from Paris attacked from the south.  This attack caused the German army to retreat to the Aisne River for a long and deadly trench war.



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