Sarah Leili

    Alliances in the early 1900's were very important.  World War I was a very important period of time and every country involved knew that they couldn't fight it alone, but alliances made the wars bigger and worse.  The Triple Alliance was consisted of Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire, which was controlled by the Turks.  They agreed to go to war if attacked by Russia.  These are also known as the Central Powers.  The Triple Entente was consisted of France, Britain, and Russia.  These are also known as the Allies.  August 3, 1914, Germany invaded Belgium, which drove thru to France.  Then, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.  Next, German declared war on Russia, and then on FranceBritain was furious, and declared war on Germany.  Finally, Austria-Hungary declared war on Russia.  The United States decided to side the Allies, because of repayment of debts to the Untied States, to prevent the Germans from threatening U.S. shipping (because they sunk the Lusitanian), and Germany sent the Zimmerman Note to Mexico.  The Alliances provided a measure of International security because nations were reluctant to disturb the balance of power.