Mr. Pierce’s 2013-2014

Classroom Rules and Procedures


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Welcome back to the Mentor Schools 2012-2013 school year.  In our Psychology class we will explore the material through readings, activities and projects. Please visit the detailed course description and APA content standards.  I have listed a brief explanation how this course will progress.  Listed below are the expectations, rules and grading procedures that I will follow during the school year.


Materials Needed: Textbook (Covered!!!), Pencils and Pens (blue or black), 3 ring Binder, 3.5 inch floppy disk (flash drive preferred) and college ruled notebook paper. No colored gel pens, i.e. yellow, green etc. Please no spiral notebooks.


Classroom procedures:

  1. There will be homework from day to day. Primarily homework will be reading and questions from the review section or work sheets.  Home work can be viewed on the assignment calendar on my website. Review sections will be found there. Home work is calculated into the "supports" aspect of your grade which makes up 20% of your quarter grade.
  2. Class participation will be assessed with-in class assignments and activities. Bell work questions will also be include in the particiaption grade. Participation is calculated into the "supports" aspect of your grade which makes up 20% of your quarter grade.
  3. Quizzes shall be given at the end of every chapter completed. Please stay current with the assignment calendar listed on my website for upcoming quizzes.  Quizzes will come from readings, activities and discussions. Quizzes will be calculated into the "Summative" aspect of your grade which makes up 80% of your quarter grade.
  4. A chapter summary will be due athe end of each chapter. The purpose of the summary writing assignments is for you to internalize the content and the main ideas of the chapter. Summaries are calculated into the "supports" aspect of your grade which makes up 20% of your quarter grade .
  5. Projects will be announced from time to time. Projects may be a group activity or an individual activity.  Projects will vary in their design, possibly PowerPoint’s, story boards, newspapers, and/or WebPages.  Projects are calculated into the "Summative" aspect of your grade which makes up 20% of your quarter grade.
  6. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to ask for your make up work.  There are several ways that you may check for your assignments (website, friends or the day you get back from me).

Grading: (for grades 9-12)

The grade will consist of summative assessments and supports to learning.  The summative assessments will be 80% of the grade.  The supports to learning will be the remaining 20%.  See the chart below for a more detailed explanation.

Grade Distribution

80% Summative (May include, but not limited to:)

20% Supports (May include, but not limited to:)

Writing Assignments

  • Summaries

Homework, includes items such as

  • Content standards related
  • Checked for accuracy

Class work checked for accuracy
Other summative work

Participation, such as:

  • In-class work that supports standards
  • Bell work

Homework, includes items such as

  • Vocabulary
  • extra credit movie reviews
  • Review activities from the study guide
  • Items checked for completion

Class work checked for completion
Content Standard Support Activities













Late policy and zeros:

Students may receive a zero for any assignment for the supports to learning (20% category) if it is not completed by the day it is due.  For the summative assessments (80% category), it is expected that the students make every effort to be in class the day of the assessment.  If the student is not present, it is expected that he/she make-up the assessment outside of class as soon as possible.  If the student does not make-up the assessment by the end of the unit, the student may receive a zero for that assignment, but every effort will be made so that the student will complete the work in a timely manner. Late work is subject to up to 50% off during a unit of instruction (based on teacher discretion). No work will be accepted beyond the end of a unit of instruction (based on teacher discretion). Unexcused absences from class and academic dishonesty will result in disciplinary consequences and up to a 50% reduction in a student’s grade.


Classroom Rules:

1.        Obey all school rules as well as the School board policy and the discipline guidelines

2.        Be on time for class. Please be seated and ready to begin at the bell.

3.        Bring your materials to class.  Locker passes will not be given to retrieve materials.

4.        Please ask for permission to leave your seat.

5.        Participation is encouraged but excessive talking and/or inappropriate comments will not be tolerated.

6.        Absolutely no grooming of any kind in class. (i.e. brushing your hair, applying make-up or spraying of any product).

7.        Respect all members of the class and that includes me!!

8.        All purses or back packs will remain on the floor.

9.        Our Books are gentle used. We need them for a few more years. They MUST be covered at all times!!!

  1. NO sleeping, you must be awake for class.



  Any major infraction such as:

·         Aggressive language

·         Tobacco

·         Fighting

·         Under the influence of alcohol or drugs

·         Dress code

·         Theft/vandalism

·         Gross insubordination

·         Harassment

·         Second time truancies

·         Cell phones are NOT permitted in class at anytime. I don't care who you are talking to or texting!!!

·         iPods and mp3 player are not permitted in class!!!



These will be addressed immediately with a removal to CLC and possibly an office referral.


Should you need to contact me for any reason, e-mail is the best way. My e-mail address is or twitter @mhs_pierce


Thank you, and have a great school year,

Mr. Pierce