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A Raisin in the Sun



This play is set in the 50's on the Southside of Chicago. The Younger family is a poor black family living in an old run-down house in a black neighborhood. When Lena, the mother of Walter and Beneatha, receives insurance money from the death of her husband, everyone is arguing over what to do with the money. Walter wants to use it to open a liquor store with his friends Bobo and 'Willy', and get rich. Beneatha wants the money so she may go to medical school and become a doctor. Lena decides to use a part of the insurance money to buy a new house in a white neighborhood. She gives the rest of the money to Walter saying half of it is his and the rest Beneatha's. She tells him to put it in the bank, saving some for Beneatha.

Meanwhile, Walter's wife Ruth discovers that she is pregnent with their second child and considers getting an abortion, as the quality of life would not be good for another child (their son already sleeps on a sofa in their living room). Meanwhile, a man named Linder shows up to talk about the house that Lena bought. It turns out that the house is located in a white neighborhood which does not want any black residents. Linder offers to buy the house for more than Lena bought it for in an attempt to keep them out. The family refuses and sends Linder away, though he is careful to repeat his offer and leave a card with his phone number on it. As the family prepares to move into their new house, there is a horrid surprise: Walter secretly used all the money (including Beneatha's money for medical school) in a deal to buy a liquor store. He gave the money to Willy, who disappeared with it. When Lena finds out that the money is gone, she slaps Walter and faints.

With this new blow, the family nearly gives up. Lena decides not to move out of the apartment, though Ruth begs her to go through with the moving. In a final bid to fix his mistake, Walter calls Linder again to agree to his offer. When Linder arrives, Walter realizes that he and his family have too much pride to be paid to not live in a place. He refuses the deal once more and the play ends with them moving into their new house.

  Source by Wikipedia and Sparknotes

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